Our Businesses

Palace Banquet Holdings Limited is well known as the industry’s pioneer when it comes to designing unique themes for all our shops: the venue of The One Shop is installed with the one and only 100-foot catwalk runway and a 360-degree rotating stage; the Mong Kok Shop is furnished with a romantic passenger-carrying-gondola and; the stage backdrop in the Hung Hom Shop is a magnificent chapel backdrop. What’s more, we regularly update and introduce advanced hardware equipment, such as big-screen LED HD TVs, stereophonic sound systems and bubble machines so as to make the couples’ wedding banquets more unforgettable. Our newly opened Shop “Royal Courtyard” exclusively provides wedding ceremony service at Sky Garden. We are dedicated to breaking the mold of the standard wedding banquet and turning it into a good show with a lively atmosphere, which not only gives surprises and honor to the bride and groom but also delivers a stunning impression on their guests and relatives